In 2016, we imagined a beautiful show– The Art Gala– where talented people can celebrate art, fashion and music, happiness and equality. We imagined, and our very first show opened the doors for both the well-known and the up-and-comers.
New talents were discovered; new stars were born.
We imagined that our second Gala will be even more successful.

Please read a little review from The Art Gala second annual celebration:

Here are some notes from The Art Gala 2017 participants:

Geno Vento/ GenosSteaks, TAG Sponsor: “Had an amazing time at last night’s The Art Gala! Proud to support so many talented artists that put on such a great show.”

Alice Mary, Musician/Singer: “… Thank you so much again for the honor to perform with you all- I hope you enjoyed it – I loved being a part of the Art Gala!”

Ellen Durkan, TAG Designer: “…it was great I would totally do it again plus you were awesome and super accommodating…”

Perry Milou, TAG Artist: “…Thank you, it was my honor …”

Jermaine Pratt, TAG Designer: ” Thank you for having me…it was a pleasure working with you and your team!”

Joe Hoddinott, TAG Photographer: “Thanks for having us…”

Theron Cook, TAG Artist: “Thank you for everything!!!! Beautiful people Beautiful event!!!”

Laura Eberhart, TAG Guest: “… What a wonderful event. Thank you so much for inviting me. When is the next event?”

Geanina Matara, TAG Guest: “THANK YOU so much for an amazing event “

Joy Anderson, TAG Model: “Thank you so much it was a pleasure working with the entire art gala team as well a wonderful experience!!!”

Buddy Caine, TAG Model: Thank you for the opportunity to walk! The event was amazing.”

With the support of our Sponsors, as well as that of Artists, Musicians, and Designers, we have created a Great Energy event to raise Anti-Bullying Awareness and to raise money for The Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.

We want to remind everyone, once again, that Everything is possible.

Imagine, believe, and create. Imagine … and be!

Anyone you want to be—Imagine.

Anyplace you want to go—imagine.
Anything you want to do—imagine.

Whatever you see as your calling,
Imagine, believe, and create.
Imagine and Be!

If you can dream it,
You can do it!

Imagine, envision, create.
Make Yourself. Be Yourself
No matter what they say.

They may say I’m a dreamer,
But I’m not the only one.
I seek to create
And to shine.

If you want to see it,
Then be it!
Be joy; be success;
Be a Star!

Imagine Yourself,
Make Yourself–

Just believe.
Believe and create;
Imagine, and See.
Imagine… And Be!

by Alev Gefen

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