Dear Friends:

Thank you for supporting our first Art Gala, with the theme “All Colors of Happiness” on May 7, 2016. It was held at the Arts Ballroom of Philadelphia, celebrated Philadelphia’s Talent and benefited The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia  (100% of cash donations went to CHOP).
Through the talents of the participating artists and designers, and sponsorship donations, we have raised money for the kids at CHOP,  specifically the Art Therapy Program and the Neurosurgery Department.

With your help, we made someone’s life happier and healthier by creating an event of High Positive Energy that reminded everyone, once again, that Happiness comes in all colors, shapes, genders, sexual orientations and creeds.

To see more The Art Gala in action click the links below:



by Private Paparazzi Productions

All Colors Of Happiness
by Alev Gefen and Inna Race

I’m here doing what I do,

trying to make a little difference in the world
in a best way that I know how.

I am here to make a difference!
No matter how small,
The BEST way I know HOW.

I am not a race,
not in a rush to be better than you.
I am me; you are you.

I am a Light; you are a Light.

I am tired of violence, of discrimination, of hate,
I want peace, I want Love,

I want to travel the world without being scared.
I am tired of wars;
I am tired of judgment.

I am not a fan of racism.
I do not wish people to judge my IQ by my accent
or my abilities by the color of my skin.

I am not who you think I am;
You are who You think I am.

I want to be seen not for what I have
But for what I am willing to give.

I am not a shape, orientation, color or creed;
I am Happiness. 

Happiness comes in Many Colors.
I am many hues– many Colors of Happiness.

I am Love; I am Art;
I am Laughter in many tongues.

I am Happiness.
You are Happiness.