TAG 2018

Our third annual event with the theme “Walk on a Wild Side” happened in Philadelphia On May 5th, 2018, with an emphasis on Freedom of Expression:

Live your life today, and never underestimate how special you are. You were born with a gift that only you have.

The Art Gala is where people can celebrate art, fashion, and music. It opens new doors for both the well-knowns and the up-and-comers, giving them a new stage, on which to share their talent and artistic energy.

Take a Walk on a Wild Side

Lay out your dreams for all the world to see–
On canvas, fabrics, or stunning jewelry.
Show yourself;
Take that chance
Through fashion, music, song, or dance.
Be you! Take a walk on a wild side!

If someone says you’re crazy, that is true.
You follow your desires, through and through.
Design that piece; strike that pose.
The world’s your stage and your front row,
So be you! Take a walk on a wild side!

by Alev Gefen

It was great to celebrating The Art Gala with you on May 5th, 2018.